• 17 May 2018
    Bo-Chander is a friend of mine. He created this short film together with some classmates as a study assignment. The video was shot at my house and old workshop.
  • 17 mar 2017
    Hello everybody and welcome back to our review appointment. Once again, today i’m dedicating 5 minutes of my busy life to talk about a personality, who absolutely doesn’t need any introduction or review from me, but it is always a pleasure. First because we’re friends and second because when you have the chance to get your hands on beauties like this Jan Borren Kurd 17 :-O, it would be stupid to let it slip through. It all came about through a nice surprise visit by Benny Bettane (thanks brother), who in October came by with a Jan Borren Kurd 17.
  • 23 aug 2016
    Maker and Player working together as one to make the perfect instrument!
  • 26 may 2016
    Video of my previous workspace!
  • 14 apr 2016
    Last February I had a wonderful time in the Netherlands and during my " Handpan Residences " I connected with this beautiful instrument. I wrote this piece called "Jan's Heart " and is dedicated to my friend Jan Borren ( an incredible human being, friend and Handpan maker ) We hope you enjoy a bit of your heart * 🙂
  • 4 jan 2016
    Jan gaat op zoek naar zijn naamgenoten. Dit keer ontmoet hij Jan Borren die handpannen maakt!
  • 19 Nov 2014
    “Op mijn veertiende zag ik in een Italiaans winkeltje een prachtig duur horloge, waar je door de wijzerplaat heen het uurwerk kon zien. Ik kon dat mechanisme niet meer uit mijn hoofd zetten, ik moest weten hoe het werkte.